Witness Egypt at Its Finest With Betsoft's Pharaoh King Slot Game

If you think you already played enough slot machines to know how everyone of them will feel like, you're definitely wrong as you will probably be caught off guard with the Pharaoh King online slot that would definitely give you the most engaging and most exhilarating experience you've ever had. Developed by BetSoft, one of the most revered game developers in the waging industry today, this game is definitely a must-see for wagers and gamers alike.

Pharaoh King Details

Name: Pharaoh King
Min. Bet:0.02
Max. Bet:1

BetSoft has made its name echo on the vast corners of the Waging industry through its magical way of rendering games in a visually appealing manner that's far above other games you've played. With Pharaoh containing delectable 20 Paylines and 5 Reels, you definitely won't have even the tiniest bit of bore even when you play it for consecutive hours.

Pharaoh King, just like other games out there, has the same special symbols like wild, scatter and a whole lot more, presented on an epic animated picture that complements its theme. It also comes with an intuitive interface and game control that would make it easy for you to track the flow of the game and money while still being able to fully revel on an epic experience you won't forget.

The denomination available for the game is as high as $1 or as low as $0.02 in each spin you make. Of course, the more you bet, the higher the prize you will receive when you luckily grab a winning combination. Unfortunately, most symbols you'll see on the game are related to the common cards you see like Queen, Ace etc. The scatter symbol is represented by the majestic Pyramid and the Scarab reels in bonus coin prizes the more you have on your reels. Once you meet a certain condition, you'll also be able to witness an upscale bonus game that would boggle your mind and give you eye-catching rewards. With all of these amazing features harmoniously working with each other, you'll definitely be able to Revel on the most exhilarating and most rewarding waging game you've had in your life.