How Online Casinos Started

Online gaming sites have been gaining prominence because of the convenience it brings to its players whenever they wish to play their favorite online games right in the comfort of their homes. Aside from this, they also feel secure and confident on the accounts and real money wagers they place in these gaming sites. New players are also generously treated with the rewarding welcoming bonuses and loyalty incentives that awaits them when they sign-up. Above all of these, the vast collections of classic and themed games of these online sites have truly enticed new and regular customers to visit and to participate in their gaming sessions.

But despite all these recent developments on some of the prominent online sites available in the gaming industry today, many players are still not aware of the history and origins of online gaming. This article will detail the birth of these gaming sites, as well as their advancements to cope with the current industry.

The Advent of Computers

Aside from food, shelter, clothes, and other basic needs of a person, technology - primarily computers - is another commodity to consider in the modern world. People nowadays are very dependent on computers and other electronic devices. These technological advancements aid them in their everyday activities - may it be from the simplest house chores to the most complex office works. These devices have also affected almost every part in anyone's life - communication, transportation, and even businesses

Together with the development of computers, the internet or World Wide Web has also surfaced in the present world. It has been playing a vital role on the betterment of different aspects in the community, as well in the personal interests of everyone. But one of the most significant improvements it made was the creation of online gaming sites and casinos which gave access to a broader audience worldwide. It has also aided on the growth of these online sites for its players throughout the years.

The Online Gambling Industry

Online gaming sites started around 1994 when the Free Trade & Processing Act was passed and recognized in Antigua and Barbuda. This specific law granted several Caribbean states the necessary licenses to start online gaming companies and operate across the region - consequently to other parts of the world.

Apart from the approval of this gaming license, the first gaming software was also established that year. Microgaming, one of the most reputable founders of gaming sites, was developed to create the world's first online site called The Gaming Club. Since then, Microgaming has developed numerous online games and features for several gaming sites. It is still an active software provider and is considered as one of the best in the industry today.

In 1995, CryptoLogic marked its name in the gaming industry as it hosted the very first real money wagers and transactions done with the internet. It also launched InterCasino which is considered as one of the longest running online gaming sites today. CryptoLogic's introduction on these payment modes made online transactions safe and fast for its players.

After this initial launch, other software developers and online sites have emerged to cater the growing number of players in the gaming industry. These gaming software and sites are made to be available to almost everyone, in different countries. But before they are considered as an official and legitimate gaming site, there are several rules set by these regions which they need to consider.

Laws in Different Countries

There are different laws and regulations governing the creation of online gaming sites per country. These usually vary on the depending on the local organizations involved, existing gaming acts being implemented in the region, and laws set by the Gambling Commission.

In the USA, there are three gaming regulations - local, state, and federal - governing the establishment and availability of online gaming sites in the country. The local laws pertain to both the county and municipal laws of the community. On the other hand, US state laws covers the prohibition of some states the access of its citizens to any online gaming sites. As for the US federal laws, there are three significant regulations governing these online gaming sites. The Interstate Wire Act, the Professional 7 Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA).

On the other hand, Canadians are lighter in terms of their restrictions with gaming sites. Their government generally allows the operation of these online sites provided that these are licensed and approved by the Canadian government. Some provinces in the country own and operate online gaming sites which are approved by the government.

Meanwhile in Australia, the government and regional authorities play vital roles in the regulation of these online gaming sites. The central government is tasked to supervise these online sites with the guidance of several amendments and laws set by the body. On the other hand, the regional authorities are responsible on regulating these accessible gaming sites with the aid of some licensed gaming organizations in the region.

One of the most flexible governments to allow online sites in their gaming industry is United Kingdom. Most forms of online games - even land-based ones - are legal and well-regulated in UK. The government's Gambling Commission spearheads this regulation of online gaming sites which should follow the rules and terms of the Gambling Act of 2005 in UK. They also ensure that these gaming sites meet the standards set by the commission in terms of the services its players must get when participating in these online platforms. This openness allows big industries to establish their gaming businesses in the UK.

Another "open region" to online sites is Africa which considers these gaming platforms legal throughout its countries. South Africa is one of these countries which have passed legislations on allowing its players to have access to online gaming sites. It is also considered as a top destination for tourists and visitors who are looking for unique gaming spots.

Players can also know of the Egyptian Gambling History here and differentiate it from gaming developments of other regions.

Online Gambling Today

From their initial launch, online gaming sites have developed more features from its different software providers for its players. Some of these recent developments include the addition of more interactive and themed games in their collection. There are also additional options of progressive jackpots and live dealers which can win players with huge amounts of prizes.

There are also developments in terms of the promotions and rewards offered to its customers. The rewards today are much improved compared before. Players can play at zodiac to experience these exclusive bonuses and promotions of different kinds. New sign-up rewards and bonus codes are rewarded for new players; whereas regulars are treated with generous loyalty incentives and VIP programs where they receive exciting rewards from these different online gaming sites.