Travel Through Time And Witness The Egypt Gambling History

The Mesopotamia is one of the richest civilization back when the human race was just on its first step to advancement dating back to over 7,000 B.C. They also had one of the earliest engagement on waging. On that same hard soil where the civilization flourished and made its name echo all throughout the seas, gambling tools were also discovered and found to have been in existence already, about 3,000 B.C on Egypt. This gambling tools included the pips of die with four and six sides. Let us uncover the deep history of the Ancient Egypt Gambling and relieve the historic events that contributed a lot to what waging is today.

Egypt Gambling was said to be pretty eminent back in the days and this wasn't just mere speculation, rather, it was proven through concrete evidence of tools that were dug up from the cold ground. The most apparent and believed to be the most entertained form of games back then were Board Games such as the Backgammon we know of today.

Just like their neighboring countries in Mesopotamia, it was evident that the Egyptians were engrossed with waging and were practically in love with it. It can be seen on hieroglyphs and Ancient Relics that there were some laws that even governed betting back in the days. There were also symbols that depicted and showed many scenes where people were betting etched on the hard records of the ancient City.

Based on historical records, betting on Egypt revolved around the dice coupled with the gaming board along with a lot of variations from a simple Guessing game to Odds and Evens. Though Egypt has definitely travelled far and wide in terms of sheer technological advancement, their love for betting is still evident as ever - from back then until nowadays.