Types of Bonuses in Casino

Many players are always looking for bonuses and rewards available on the casino where they play. These promos fuel the players to keep on betting on the games. Different bonuses are up for grab and each of them has its own unique way of attracting the players. Regardless whether a player is a newbie or expert, there is a particular reward that can absolutely catch his or her attention.

Welcome Bonuses

To make a good start, gaming sites usually offer welcome bonus to its players. The name of this promo varies from one gaming site to another. Some may refer to it as sign up bonus or new player bonus. Nonetheless, it serves the same purpose which is to pamper the new players and give them a warm welcome. The most common form of a welcome bonus is the no deposit bonus. There are many no deposit casino sites that offer these bonuses. Get yours and explore what the site has to offer.

The welcome bonus is given when the player creates an account on the casino. After registration, the initial deposit of the player is given additional percentage that players can use in betting on the game. The percentage may differ depending on the casino. Welcome bonus usually ranges from 50% up to 500%. Lucky players may also find welcome reward without any wagering requirement necessary to meet. More welcome bonuses can be found here. We recommend you check out the newest offers from Niterentals Casino because they are quite the prominent player in the casino industry. They will surprise you.

Match Bonuses

Players can also get extra percentage of their deposit using the match bonus. This reward is usually given for the first set of initial deposits of the new players. However, some generous casinos are also giving away match bonus in seasons.

Take for an instance a player who deposited $10 in his account. With the help of 100% match bonus, his deposit will be matched with 100% and his deposit will be doubled to $20. The percentage given depends on the gaming site, but most of the time, there is a limit provided. A 200% bonus can be redeemed for up to $500 only, for example. This means players cannot deposit unlimited amount of cash just to be doubled or quadrupled by the match bonus.

No Deposit Bonuses

Lucky players can even get bonuses without paying anything. These bonuses are called no deposit bonus. Casinos provide players free cash to use in the game. No deposit bonuses are usually given as soon as the players register in the gaming site. Gaming sites also post some casino codes with no deposit required.

However, gaming sites are wise enough to protect themselves from abusers. Since this type of reward does not require players to pay them, casinos put a higher wagering requirements. If they don't implement this, casinos will probably go bankrupt as many players can easily get money from them without depositing. In addition, some gaming sites also require players to deposit a small amount first before being able to withdraw the winnings from no deposit bonus. It is just an assurance for the gaming site that the player will continue to play.

Free Spins Bonuses

Slot machine lovers should look forward for this type of reward. Free spins are the most common reward in the gaming casinos. There are instances wherein free spins are given together with the welcome bonus as a package. Having such reward can help the players increase their bankroll. It is also easy to use as the bonus is pretty straightforward.

It is not that difficult to find free spins bonuses. In fact, visiting a gambling-related website can instantly give a player some free spins to enjoy. These extra spins can be used by the players for slot machines. Who knows? Maybe rolling these free spins can instantly hit the jackpot prize.

Top-Up Bonuses

There are real players whose luck is undeniable. These are the players who often get the top up bonuses. This kind of reward is being offered to the winning players. Gaming sites give additional cash credit for the players based on the percentage of their winning. It clearly means a reward on top of winnings.

The top-up bonus percentage may be lower compared to the usual bonuses. It actually ranges from 5% to 10% of the player's total winnings in a certain period of time. Still, this kind of bonus is something nice to have.

Payment Method Bonuses

This reward is given to the players who use a specific payment method on the promo. It is not that commonly awarded to the players. Most of the time, payment method bonus is used to promote a new banking option for the casino players. To encourage these players to deposit via the said financial institution, players are provided with additional 10% percentage on top of their deposit. For example, when a player deposits through Click and Buy, they can have additional credit to be used in the game.

With all these casino bonuses, players should also keep in mind that there is no free lunch. This means everything given for free has something in return. These rewards are usually bundled with wagering requirements that players should perform. Players are given a number of times that they should use the reward bonus. Other terms and conditions for the rewards include the maximum amount of cash out from the reward money. While other casinos allow players to withdraw any amount of winnings coming from the bonuses, there are still gaming sites that set the limit for withdrawal. It would be better to know first these requirements and conditions before grabbing and using the bonuses. Despite these kind of promo, there are still generous casinos that give away bonuses just for the player's sake.