Get Lucky And Earn Riches With Gamescale's Pharaoh Fortune

If you love the atmospheric scene brought by Egypt and the majestic Pyramids, then you'll definitely be happy to know that Gamescale has brought this amazing setup through its Egyptian-themed slot game, Pharaoh Fortune. This game is one of the most rewarding slot games you'll ever meet with over 5 paylines and 5 reels that will definitely take you to the classic style slots known back in the days.

Pharaoh Fortune Details

Name: Pharaoh Fortune
Min. Bet:0.01
Max. Bet:0.05

The Pharaoh Fortune exhibits a unique and tantalizing theme that definitely lives up to the beauty of Egypt. The background itself would take your breath away with the amazing detailed work on the hieroglyphs while the actual machine mimics the helmet of a pharaoh which further emphasizes the Egyptian theme of the game. Other design elements are also in play which made the overall appearance of the slot machine more phenomenal than others you've seen before. On top of the outstanding graphics, the game also has a remarkably intuitive setup, interface and controls.

This game also has a noticeably unique feature that will allow you to bypass the order of the paylines and stake on a payline that you prefer the most. The Majestic Pyramid signifies the highest symbol on this game and if you luckily get 5 of them on the lines you staked on, you'll be rewarded with a delectable award, about 2000 times the bet you've placed. Pharaoh Fortune accepts a range of coin sizes from 1.25 bucks to $0.05 in each payline which I firmly believe is enough to hand you a jackpot prize of over $500 in cash or over $10,000 coins when you win.

If you want to take a sip on a cold iced tea or rest for a bit, trigger its automatic spin and be relieved as you'll still be able to enjoy waging without playing, maximizing your earning potential even while you're sitting back. If you stil haven't seen the enticing points of Classical game, then this game will definitely be the perfect ingredient to make you more addicted to gaming and waging while still earning money for your pocket.